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We Use The Best Solar Products On The Planet

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Enphase Micro Inverters

Inverters that get more power from your panels. Each microinverter independently connects to a panel allowing you the ability to add more panels as your needs grow as well as keeping the entire system running smoothly. 

The Most Powerful Solar Panels Known To Mankind

Maximum efficiency under real world conditions. Our state-of-the-art panels allow for us to achieve 100% or higher electricity offset on 95% of our projects. 

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Energy Production at the tip of your finger

State of the art integrations that can charge a battery system or send excess energy to the power company during peak billing hours.  Battery backup systems that can run the entire house, or allocate power just to the essentials. 

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Lets Make an Impact

For every Solar Energy System we install $250 is donated to one of the charities you choose below. 

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Ft. Collins & Denver Rescue Mission

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Food For The Poor
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St. Jude's