Solar Energy sells itself, we're just here to help

Every home and situation is unique. The best way to know if the timing is right for you to switch to solar is to schedule an individual consultation.  We pride ourselves in giving honest, straight forward information without the "sales". 

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Federal Tax Rebate

The federal tax rebate is currently at 26%.  This is down from 30% in 2020 and will be reduced to 22% in 2023.  In 2024 the tax rebate is scheduled to expire.

A 26% rebate is a substantial savings that is helping most homeowners get a solar energy system installed for around the same price they are paying the electric company.  

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Electricity Costs Are Going Up Every Year

Since 2001 the electricity rates in Colorado have increased a staggering 62.1%! The rate of increase is mind numbing. 


Let's be conservative and pretend your electric bill is only going up 4% annually on average (it's 7% historically).

If you are paying $89 a month for electricity today, in 25 years when your solar panels are completely paid off and producing FREE clean energy, your electric bill, had you not switched, will be $236 (best case scenario).

That's assuming you continue to use the same amount of electricity today as you are 25 years from now.  With the advent of electric cars, smart homes, and carbon taxes, that is also unlikely. 

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The Technology is Ready

Solar panels have been around for a long time. In recent years there have been quantum leaps in the technology.  Colorado Family Solar utilizes solar panels that are sensitive enough to produce even on the shaded side of the home.


We have inverters that attach to each panel allowing the system to function even if a panel goes out. The micro inverters also allow us to easily add panels without upgrading the inverter. 

Battery backup systems that are smart enough to power the entire home, or specific appliances you choose.  Our batteries can store excess power or send it back at peak net metering times, maximizing your savings. 

The cost of high quality panels have significantly decreased, allowing us to build systems that, in many circumstances, cost the same amount of money you are currently paying the electric company. 

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